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Smiley face My Rights

Governments across the world are identifying problems and launching solutions that benefit society -- e.g., new social benefits and policies, scholarships, subsidies, etc. However, in developing countries, often these solutions fail to reach citizens due to lack of awareness. The My Rights apps solves this problem by providing a one click interface to find and use government benefits that are applicable to citizens. Currently, the app is used in India but will soon be available globally.

Smiley face Pictoson

The Pictoson app facilitates communication, problem solving and exchange among different cultures and languages by translating pictograms into 22 languages using a flashcard technique, used for alternative and augmentative communication. Adding audio and words makes communication intuitive and helps in problem solving when communication is proving difficult.

Smiley face Talking English

The Talking English app listens to someone speaking common English words and tutors on pronunciation and vocabulary. We designed it to be fully interactive, fun and simple to use. Talking English is appropriate for a child or adult who is starting to learn English-- a great help to anyone wanting to improve English pronunciation and vocabulary. The app listens and gives feedback that even a six year old can understand.

* These apps will soon be available on Datawind Devices and Datawind App Store

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The Global Apps to Empower initiative is organized by Agnite Education, American Digital University, Applications for Good, BluWorld, Cat in Woods, Datawind, Equal Access International and the United Nations Office for Partnerships.

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We seek to discover and showcase innovative tablet applications that help young women and girls become leaders, resolve conflicts, be mentored, find work, become entrepreneurs and realize their full potential through education.


We invite you -- the global apps community -- to produce apps with unparalleled potential to achieve positive impact on womankind.

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